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SPHER Inc.: Vision

The SPHER solution has evolved from a shared vision to bring state of the art pattern recognition technology and unobtrusive incident and breach detection together within a user-friendly and 100% HIPAA and HITECH-compliant remediation package to healthcare provider community, regardless of size and location.

Our vision serves as the framework for the SPHER roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by illustrating what we need to accomplish in order to deliver unparalleled value to our clients, VAR Partners and the patient PHI we protect.

  • People: Instill a Culture of Compliance within SPHER Inc. and present a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
  • Communication: “Building trust is critical to building business” Therefore, we encourage our employees to show Respect, to interact with Integrity and be Accountable to fellow workers and clients . Encourage a verbal exchange amongst our colleagues and employees and valued VAR Partner network with regard to the privacy and security issues that drives our businesses.
  • Team-Oriented: Acknowledge that our position is central to the long-term success of SPHER Inc. To empower my co-workers to realize their goals and responsibilities. To remain transparent and do whatever it takes to ensure the success of the SPHER team.
  • Productivity: Be a highly effective, efficient and focused organization.
  • Partners: Deliver value to a winning network of Value Added Resellers (SPHER VARs) and customers, whereby jointly we create mutual rewards and are focused on mutual growth.
  • Sales: To actively participate in all aspects of the SPHER Inc. sales methodologies. Work to understand the SPHER product so that each of us can be of maximum assistance to the prospect and ensure long term financial growth and stability. To understand the needs of the market and our Partners. Listen to the concerns of our Partners and to suggest the appropriate solution. As our sales revenue expands so in turn do the fortunes of the SPHER Professionals, their families, and those around them.

Our Vision has been made possible by combining access to a learned healthcare knowledge base, leveraging proven technologies and understanding critical healthcare sector workflow patterns that SPHER Inc. has brought to its customers over the last 4 years. We have combined these with the deep experiences of the SPHER Team in product development, sales, research and daily operation of the SPHER solution.

SPHER is the frontline defense against the day-to-day threat of patient privacy violations resulting from inappropriate access to PHI. As required by HIPAA, every comprehensive compliance strategy must include User Activity Monitoring, a requirement that SPHER is specifically designed to achieve.

SPHER automatically monitors ALL of the daily activity that occurs on an EHR for suspicious behavior through the analysis of EHR audit logs. Should suspicious activity occur, SPHER sends an alert, defines the exact details surrounding each incident for investigation, and presents a consistent step-by-step process towards resolution and remediation.

SPHER Inc. is a recognized leader in HIPAA and HITECH compliant user activity monitoring solutions.

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